A downloadable game for Windows

Escape from the nightmare you've been trapped on and interact with the dream elements in the environment. Fight enemies and use your wit to escape from the mansion inspired by Tim Burton's illustrations.

[ It's strongly recommended to play with gamepad ]

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Rodrigo Ben - Artist

Dani Rodríguez - Artist

Martí Guillot - Designer

Miquel Martí - Producer and designer

Toni Galmés - Programmer

Albert Medina - Programmer

Urs Bollhalder - Music

Nadine Galea - Music


Eddy's Nightmare.rar 353 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download zip file
  2. Extract files
  3. Click on [The Frightening Nightmare of Little Eddy.exe]


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Tried out the randomizer and landed on this! I love the art choice in the game and great soundtrack. Also I broke the game numerous times lol!

This was such a great game, hope to see a longer version soon. Loved the story and art.

whats the recommended systems stuff for this? It WILL run for me but very slowly. Is there a way to change display settings?

I downloaded it but it wouldn't install when I was prompted? It showed up as a vlc file when I first downloaded it. Can anybody help me I really want to play this :')

I loved the mechanics of the game and I really enjoyed playing keep up the good work


I reaaaly really like this game!! Do you have any Oka s of expansion? I’d love to see this turned to a full game! 

Here is my experience, I hope you enjoy:) 


I got a graphics card upgrade, and I can now run this game, and I sure am glad I can! The game was amazing. The artstyle and environment are endearing, and the music is haunting and beautiful. My only gripe is that it ended a bit short.

Thank you! We are very happy that you could play in the end and got to enjoy it 🥺🥺


I really enjoyed the art style of this game! It was really fun!. 


A low graphics setting would be nice. I have a GTX 745 and the game runs incredibly choppily.


Nice Game !!


This game is awesome. I love the style and idea of it. I WANT to see more of this world you made and can't wait for the full game. I hope to see more from you peeps from tecnoboys as you peeps have awesome potential. Here is my thoughts and reactions to your game and also keep creating too. 


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Very very very good game! 

here's some gameplay ;)

I really hope to see more games coming from this team, this one was amazing :)

Hey Gravv! We absolutely loved your edits and the video was really fun! <3

Thank you so much!!


Hello there, I tried your game and made even a video about it. So, if your interested you can check it out here in my provided link. I gave some hints and tips so... what you will make out of that is up to you.


Wow! I enjoyed the game a lot. Nice job, team! I see a great future for all of you <3

Thank you! We're really glad you liked the game <3

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AMAZING GUYS!!! Congrats!


Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you for the gameplay! We all loved it! <3


Thank you :D